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Setting Goals, Expressing Gratitude, and Establishing Boundaries

If this is the first time you are reading my blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Victoria Marlene Nash. I live in Winston Salem, NC, with my life partner, Paul Sin. As a transformational coach, I guide my clients to recognize their innate talents. I do this by teaching them empowerment skills and how to set boundaries. Additionally, I have a passion for beauty, image, home design, and art. Furthermore, I share these passions through my monthly blog, social media, and virtual workshops.

In January, we explore the importance of setting goals. It is the first step to personal empowerment. Goals then become a leverage to create personal and professional boundaries. Here are four primary objectives of goal setting: 

power of setting goals

Goals are important in personal and professional growth.

The Gap and the Gain illustrates the difference between a need and a want. My understanding is that a need is external, and a want is internal. Competing with others traps us in a never-ending need to be better than someone else. or to have more than your friend, peer, or neighbor. 

  • Have you thought about what drives you?   
  • Is it a need or a want? 
  • Is your drive coming from within or a need to compete with others?  

Designing your own goals based on your “wants” provides direction and purpose in life.

A clear sense of your personal or core values and ethics helps you to set better goals. Core values, personal ethics and goals provide the bases for personal boundaries. 

reflecting on 2023

To go forward, we must look back.

To move forward in 2024: 

  • Did you consider your blessings? 
  • What were your challenges? 
  • What did these challenges teach you about yourself?
  • What do you “want” in 2024? 

My gains were in my business. My losses related to family discord, accidents, and health issues. One must accept there are often consequences to setting boundaries. 

  • What were your gains? 
  • Did you have losses? 
  • How did you respond those losses? 

moving forward into 2024

By expressing gratitude for the past year, we can free ourselves to set meaningful goals for the new year. 

I designed a simple planner to use at my UNCSA workshop and as a special free offer to my readers. It’s entitled “My Goals for 2024”. 

Because I didn’t have my usual family demands over the holidays, I had the time to do exactly what I’m suggesting here. I looked at 2023 with its many highs, lows, physical and emotional ups and downs. Along with the tough times, I found blessings. And, I recognized one is never too old to establish rituals that celebrate the holidays in new and profound ways.  

goals for 2024

If you want to dig deeper, I will be adding a Goal Planning Workbook on Amazon both digital and paperback in the near future. 

establishing boundaries

With the release of my book I have had time to reflect on the importance of goals. Your values, your wants, and your goals provide a clear roadmap to your future.

Since I was very young, I’ve had a premonition of my future, but not always the willingness to push forward. In the past, I have allowed personal issues to sidetrack my path. SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) -helps me stay on track.

To emphasize time is running out, I had a clock put in the background of my picture. I know time is running out for me if I want to achieve my goals in this lifetime. 

In closing, I want to thank each one of you, my readers, for your support in 2023. Remember, while setting goals is essential, there is always room for levity. Sprinkle a touch of whimsy and a dash of laughter to your life’s journey. Go ahead, aim high, dream big, and don’t forget to add a pinch of joy to your 2024 recipe!

Let’s make it a year filled with both purpose and playfulness. Here’s to your goals, your growth, and the delightful surprises that lie ahead.

I help you overcome fear, reconnect with your passion and create a life you love!

I am Victoria.

I’m eager to connect with you! Join me on my social media accounts and let’s stay in touch!

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