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Are you navigating a major life-change, or difficult season? It’s time to reconnect with your passion and create a life you love to live! A life of abundance is your birthright. You are worthy of joy.

Together, we will set goals to help you create a vision for your future personally and/or professionally. Goal setting is important for growth in every facet of your life. You will learn how to: How is this program different from other life coaching programs? How do I start?

After much ado, I’m so happy to launch my website and the life coaching programs I offer. These programs will help you if you feel somewhat lost or out of touch with your core values. Choosing a program today will save you up to $100! Visit our Services page to learn more. Good morning! In my […]

Life Coaching has many aspects. For my practice, it will have three areas of focus: Why Life Coaching? I don’t know about you, but I find life difficult at times. Finding balance can be especially difficult. Then there is work… Then there is Spirituality vs. Religion. Mindfulness may provide answers to these profound questions. How […]

Welcome! I am Victoria Marlene Nash, creator of our AvantChoice Blog. I am thrilled to introduce myself, my blog, and my coaching practice.